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We get it, great yoga classes are getting expensive.

Why pay more for classes packed tighter than a King streetcar?

Since 2014, Yoga Village has been offering great classes at a pay-what-you-choose price. We’re all about creating a different economic model that actually supports it’s community and teachers.

We keep yoga accessible and available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay… and our studio is 1600 sq.ft of awesome.

You’ll have space to breathe here.

Toronto's pwyc studio

Most people want the benefits of yoga but are missing out because they feel intimidated or can’t afford the rising costs of classes. Yoga Village provides a welcoming and inclusive environment at a price you choose, so you can simply show up and focus on your practice. 

We make it easy to attend classes.

1. Pick your class

Look over our schedule and pick a class to attend.

2. Pay-What-You-Choose

Figure out how much you want to pay for the class and grab some cash.


3. Drop-in

Come to class, put your payment in the bowl, use a free mat and settle into your practice.

It’s really that easy to attend classes at Yoga Village! No need to sign up or save your spot. No monthly fees or credit card charges. We won’t ask you to divulge your personal information.

We’re perfect for introverts. We are Toronto’s alternative yoga studio.

“It’s chill, easy going. It’s a 1 out of 10 on a pretentiousness level.”

Andrew H.

Our classes

We have something for everyone. From complete beginners to advanced, pre & post natal and chair yoga, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect class.


Because it takes a Village.

Sandra S.

Facebook review

“It is a lovely space. I enjoyed my first class, restorative yoga. Exactly what I needed; and the teacher was very friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. It is so great that the classes are pay-what-you-choose to make them accessible to many people.

Shruti A

Facebook review

“What an amazing concept and space. I’ve been to a few classes over the past year or so and had such a lovely experience every time. The studio is just beautiful – so charming and inviting. Well worth checking out regardless of what level you’re at!”

Ali K.

Facebook review

“Had a great first class. The instructor was very friendly, put me at ease and was highly knowledgeable. I look forward to attending more classes here, in this lovely space.”

Krista B.

Facebook review

“This place restores the body, mind and soul! Honestly the best yoga studio I’ve found in Toronto. A total gem, best teachers, I feel very safe here.”

Although our studio's offerings are from a secular perspective, we would like to acknowledge Yoga's cultural and spiritual roots which originate from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other ancient spiritual traditions from India.

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