Chair Yoga

with Kassandra Prus


1:30-2:30 pm

PWYC suggested sliding scale $12 – $22 per class

Please feel welcome to pay less if you need to.

This chair-based yoga class is an accessible way to move your body and reduce stress if you’re working with limited mobility from injury, illness, or age. We use many props as well as the wall during class to support this practice. 

**The studio is on an elevated main floor with five steps and a ramp to the space. The removable ramp will be available on Tuesdays from 1-3 pm for access to the class.** 

We will practice chair and standing yoga postures to increase range of motion and circulation, learn functional strengthening exercises to help with daily activities outside the studio, do some self massage with therapy balls to release tension in key areas of the body, and practice breathing and meditation techniques to soothe the nervous system and reduce stress.

This waiver form can be filled out online, printed and brought to class:

Note: Yoga teachers are not medical practitioners and cannot diagnose problems. Please share anything your doctor/chiropractor/physiotherapist has said you should not do (e.g.-twist your spine, deeply flex your knee, put your head below your heart) with the teacher so the class can safely meet your needs. 

About Kassandra Prus

Kassandra is a LGBTQ2SA+ therapeutic yoga and exercise teacher with over 450 hours of training and specializes in body positive and trauma-informed viniyoga (yoga therapy); chair, yin, hatha, and restorative yoga; and seniors exercise. These chair classes are informed by trainings at Yoga Therapy Toronto and other yoga-based trainings, as well as training in biomechanics, functional movement, pilates, and BoneFit (exercise for Osteoperosis). 

Engaging with yoga’s broader contexts in classes and private sessions–breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and takeaways into life off the mat–are of particular interest, as well as increasing functional mobility for life-long practice through posture focus. Kassandra particularly enjoys working with those who think they can’t do yoga–because of mobility level, body size, age, injury, or condition–and encourages autonomy, insight, resiliency and self-acceptance in all students.

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Although our studio's offerings are from a secular perspective, we would like to acknowledge Yoga's cultural and spiritual roots which originate from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other ancient spiritual traditions from India.

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