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Many studios want experienced teachers on their schedules but for new teachers looking for experience, their options can be limited. So, we created a class for new teachers to hone their skills!

Our Karma class is every Wednesday from 12 to 1 pm. 

The teacher is paid 50% of donations from the bowl, with the other half going to outreach services at Roncesvalles United Church. 

By applying for the Karma Class at Yoga Village, you agree to teaching 1 class per week for an entire month.

You have to be available for the entire month to be considered for this class.

Karma Yoga Teacher Application Form

Karma Yoga Application Form

Outreach at Roncesvalles United:

  • The Outreach Committee facilitates and delivers a Sunday Food and Fellowship program to the community.
  • The Sunday evening meal now serves over 150 meals every week, and the Sunday evening service continues to play a crucial role, particularly for the Sunday outreach.
  • http://roncesvallesunitedchurch.ca/outreach/

Although our studio's offerings are from a secular perspective, we would like to acknowledge Yoga's cultural and spiritual roots which originate from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other ancient spiritual traditions from India.

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