Prenatal yoga

with Nicky Yates


7:15-8:15 pm

6 week session
(Pre-Registration is greatly recommended. Drop in’s are welcomed)


    • April 19 to May 24
    • May 31 – June 28 (5 weeks)

    PWYC sliding scale $15 – $20 per class

    Prenatal Yoga can be both challenging and relaxing. It is a great way to stay active during all stages of pregnancy. When joining this series you will be encouraged to prepare for your little one through education, asana, mindful meditations and pranayama.

    These classes are designed to be well rounded giving you time to move, breathe, relax and connect with both your baby and other people who are pregnant. Suitable for all levels and all trimesters. Partners and support people are welcome.

    Please note that while prenatal yoga is generally safe any time during your pregnancy, it is encouraged to wait until you feel comfortable. Please consult your care provider if you have any specific concerns.

    Register here:

    Prenatal Registration

    Pre-registration is greatly recommended and helps us ensure the Pre Natal program will run. 

    How do I Pre-Register?

    • Determine how many classes you will attend ie. all 6 classes or 4 of 6 classes, etc.
    • Determine how much you would like to pay PER CLASS ie. $15 – $20.
    • Calculate your grand total and e-transfer the total to Nicky ie. 5/6 classes at $17 per class would be 17 x 5 = $85.

    Please note that if your schedule changes and you are able to attend more classes then previously determined, you are welcome to join class as a drop in and would pay cash in studio. If your schedule changes and you are unable to attend the classes you have paid for, you are welcome to roll over the missed class(es) in the next series only.


    Please send e-transfers to with the password: roncesvalles

    About Nicky Yates

    Nicky’s first experience with yoga was with a Rodney Yee DVD in her parents basement. As a competitive runner and a demanding sport athlete, she came to yoga in search of a slower physical practice to offset these more demanding physical activities of her day to day. Years later she sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and came back to her mat for a deeper connection to her mind as she navigated through the rehabilitation of such an injury.

    Her initial 200hr training was in 2011 mainly focusing on the Hatha and Vinyasa forms of yoga. Further educating herself with a 40hr Restorative Yoga Training, an 8hr Trauma Sensitive Training and recently a 65hr Pre Natal Yoga Training, she strives to always be a student first and a teacher second.

    You will find in her classes a slow pace where you can dive deeply into your own personal experience. With foundational patterns of breath along with gentle postures and more alignment based cueing, you are encouraged to explore Yoga and it’s meaning to you. 

    Other classes with Nicky

    Nicky offers post-natal and drop-in classes on our schedule.


    Although our studio's offerings are from a secular perspective, we would like to acknowledge Yoga's cultural and spiritual roots which originate from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other ancient spiritual traditions from India.

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