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We’re Toronto’s ONE AND ONLY, fully pay-what-you-choose studio. Learn more about what makes us different.


All drop-in & pre-registered classes are pay-what-you-choose. Not sure how much to contribute? We suggest $15-$25 for one class.

Teens always free

Tell your teen to stop by for classes! No questions asked, they just need to show up. Free mats are provided for everyone!


Teachers are paid at the end of class rather than waiting until the end of the month. Also, being cash-only helps keeps our costs down.


Yoga Village is Toronto’s only fully PWYC studio. We’re able to offer quality classes with top-notch teachers at a price you choose.

Suggested Drop-in Price


Please feel welcome to pay less if you need to or if you are attending more than 2 classes per week.
If you are able to give more please be generous.

Our PWYC payment system is for all of our drop-in classes and pre-registered classes. Exempt from our PWYC system: Events. Event fees are at the facilitators discretion. 


PWYC is a pricing model which gives the customer the ability to choose how much they will pay for a service. It is often used synonymously with “pay what you wish”, “pay what you feel”, “pay as you will”, and is more often oriented to charity or social uses based on the ability to pay.

At Yoga Village, PWYC gives the student the freedom to choose their price, and pay what they can without sacrificing quality of the class. Our PWYC model supports the teacher and our community directly by offering payment to the teacher after class and to our community by making yoga accessible to everyone.

What are the Values behind our PWYC structure?

Yoga Village is rooted in the values of radical inclusion, trust, transparency, community, and generosity. We believe everybody should be able to experience the benefits of yoga should they desire to do so. We believe people are generous by nature. Students attending classes want to support our teachers and see the studio succeed, and this PWYC structure encourages people to come together as a community.

By giving students the ability to pay what they can and the knowledge to choose a fair amount themselves, we are creating a socially equitable payment strategy that inspires generosity, while reinforcing the values of inclusion, trust, transparency and community.

All are welcome, regardless of ability to pay

Why do you give a range of $15-$25 per class?

Since 2014, Yoga Village has been an example of a studio which gives it’s community of students the freedom to pay what they can. We recognize value perception and ability to pay differ from one person to the next. Research shows that suggesting a value range helps give buyers a margin they can work with. Many are uncomfortable with not knowing the “appropriate” amount to pay, and will pass on an opportunity all together unless they are given a price.

In order to succeed as a studio, we need to average $12 per person, per class.


​Our teachers receive half of what their students offer in a class, so this average ensures both the teacher and the studio receive enough to thrive.

We also ask for payment to be made in CASH ONLY, as this allows us to share your payment with our teachers after each class, rather than having them wait for payments to process. We also know many studios are charging as much as $30 per class. Understanding that some can give more and some can give less, we trust that by offering this range, we will meet the minimum needed to ensure the studio survives and thrives, while giving people the opportunity to practice yoga no matter their financial situation.


So, when you go to pay for your next class, if you can afford to pay the suggested amount, please pay it. If not, pay what you can.


Don’t want to carry cash?

Suggested PWYC Payment: $95 – $135


A monthly pass allows you to attend any drop-in class on the schedule without having to carry cash to the studio. This helps to foster a consistent practice, one which goes deeper than attending every once in a while.

Our PWYC system is still applies to our monthly pass. We pay all of our teachers 50% of the per-class payment. Meaning, if you purchase a pass for $100, attend 4 times per week for a total of 16 times per month, the per class payment for the teacher will be $3.10.

​Attend as many times per month as you wish!

  • Each month, purchase a month’s pass with your Yoga Village teacher. They’ll create a pass for you and record your information.
  • ​When you attend a class, simply put this card in the bowl and we’ll return it to you after class.
  • Cash payment must be received before pass is valid.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • Passes are valid for the month purchased only. E.g: Sept 1-30, not 30 days from purchase.
  • Non-transferable, Non-extendable and no cash value.


For those who like to pay ahead you can purchase yoga bucks and then use them to pay for your classes just like cash. A kind of no-expiry pass option for our pay-what-you-choose studio!

They come in packs of 10:

  • $20 for 10 x $2
  • $50 for 10 x $5
  • $100 for 10 x $10

You can also make up a mix pack that works just right for you.

Buy what you need to make up the amount you choose to pay.
$15 per class? buy a pack of $10s and a pack of $5s
$12 per class? buy a pack of $10s and a pack of $2s
$9 per class? buy a pack of $5s and two packs of $2s
And so on…

*We only accept cash and we are not responsible for any lost bucks

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, I call it my second home, the most beautiful studio with the most zen feel and great people, heaven on Roncy!!!”

Nasrin A.

Have Questions? Find Answers Here:

What to Expect:
  • We have FREE mats to use at the studio. We ask that you clean it after each use.
  • We have various props from chairs to blankets to support your practice.
  • A gender neutral change room is located in the studio. 
  • Washrooms are located in the church hallway.
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class begins, to change clothes and get settled.
  • Filtered water is available in the studio.
  • Don't want to carry your mat every time? We offer FREE mat storage. Ask a teacher about where to store your mat.
  • We are CASH ONLY to be able to pay our teachers after each class.
We are PWYC:

We believe that people are generous by nature, so we have adopted a:

CASH ONLY + Pay-What-You-Choose (PWYC) Payment Structure

We also know that the people attending classes want to support our teachers, their fellow students and see the studio succeed. The PWYC structure encourages people to come together as a community. 

By giving students the ability to pay what they choose and the knowledge to choose a fair amount themselves, we are creating a socially equitable payment strategy that inspires generosity, while reinforcing the values of inclusion, trust, transparency and community.

Practice Guidelines:
  • Please inform your teacher of any injuries or limitations before class.
  • Wear comfortable, exercise style clothing. Shoes and socks are not required.
  • Cellphones should be turned off or set to airplane mode to ensure minimal disruption during class.
  • Please be mindful that strong perfumes/scents can cause allergic reactions in others.
  • Have fun and enjoy your time at Yoga Village while honouring your body and practice.
  • We have consent cards to use if you wish. You can change from YES to NO (or NO to YES) at any time.
Teens Practice for FREE:

As part of our mission of providing accessible yoga to everyone, we offer teens (aged 13 to 18) to practice FREE at Yoga Village.

This includes:

  • All of our regularly scheduled classes.
  • If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact the facilitator.
  • FREE mats to use at the studio.
  • Gender neutral change room to get ready for class.
Who did the mandala murals?

The mandala murals in gold and the chalkboard boarder were done by local artist, Shamya Jaffer! 

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Because it takes a Village.

Sandra S.

Facebook review

“It is a lovely space. I enjoyed my first class, restorative yoga. Exactly what I needed; and the teacher was very friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. It is so great that the classes are pay-what-you-choose to make them accessible to many people.

Shruti A

Facebook review

“What an amazing concept and space. I’ve been to a few classes over the past year or so and had such a lovely experience every time. The studio is just beautiful – so charming and inviting. Well worth checking out regardless of what level you’re at!”

Ali K.

Facebook review

“Had a great first class. The instructor was very friendly, put me at ease and was highly knowledgeable. I look forward to attending more classes here, in this lovely space.”

Krista B.

Facebook review

“This place restores the body, mind and soul! Honestly the best yoga studio I’ve found in Toronto. A total gem, best teachers, I feel very safe here.”

Although our studio's offerings are from a secular perspective, we would like to acknowledge Yoga's cultural and spiritual roots which originate from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other ancient spiritual traditions from India.

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