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Our calendar is always up-to-date (thanks, Google!) and features our drop-in classes. Scroll down for our class descriptions, special pre-registered classes, and for more happenings at Yoga Village.


All drop-in classes are pay-what-you-choose. Not sure how much to contribute? We suggest $15-$25 for one class.


Tell your teen to stop by for classes! No questions asked, they just need to show up.


No need to register, sign up or save your spot. Plus, we have free mats, so you can show up on the fly.


What experience are you looking for at Yoga Village?

Full class descriptions below!

New to yoga?

Are you a newbie yogi or returning back to your practice? 

  • Bliss Yoga

  • Hatha Restore

  • ​Chair Yoga

  • Gentle Flow

  • Restorative

  • Fundamentals (*pre-reg.)

Want to sweat?

Kick up the heat and get energized! These classes are great for all levels (newbies welcome too), so if you’re looking to sweat come out to any of these classes!


  • Bliss Yoga

  • Core Flow

  • Flow

  • Flow 1/2

  • Flow 2

  • Fusion

  • Gentle Flow

Please note Flow 2 is recommended for those with more yoga experience. ​​

Keep it gentle?

For those days you want to cool down the pace a bit (or a lot):


  • Chair Yoga

  • Hatha Restore

  • Gentle Flow

  • Restorative

Movement but not yoga?

Want to move but are you looking for something that’s not yoga?

  • Qigong 

  • Groove Dance


Class Descriptions

Our aim with all of our classes is to be radically inclusive and we welcome all sizes, orientations, cultures, and unique dispositions!  We simply ask that you’re aware of your own physical limitations to help us serve you the best way possible.

Unless marked, all classes are suitable for all levels (and that includes beginners!)

All Bodies


This mat-based yoga class is accessible to everyone: injured, healthy, ill, disabled, large, small, or anything more. Learn to tailor your practice to your body’s specific and changing needs by getting better at tuning into the information it is giving you moment by moment. Expect lots of props to support your practice if needed. The breath will be your guide in this class–as a way to signal to you when your body is in too much distress, but also as a way to regulate your nervous system and help you explore safe relaxation. Throughout our movement practice we may also explore various visualizations, meditations, mantras (sounds and statements), and pranayama (breath practices).
This class is appropriate for beginners to seasoned practitioners curious about the introspective facets of yoga. Kassandra teaches from a therapeutic, trauma sensitive, and body positive lens. Success in this class is if everyone in the room looks different because they are listening to their body, breath, and mind’s needs.

**If you’re interested in this class but don’t think you can get on the floor or kneel, please try Kassandra’s Chair Yoga class Tuesdays 1:30-2:30pm. **

Bliss Yoga


Take pause in this busy world to breathe. Reconnect with your body through a dialogue of yoga poses. Bliss Yoga is a multidisciplinary practise that emphasizes body awareness and mindful movement. The classes include the option of essential oils and hands on massage to heighten sensory and emotional awareness. Come and find your bliss!!

Chair Yoga

We will practice chair and standing yoga postures to increase range of motion and circulation, learn functional strengthening exercises to help with daily activities outside the studio, do some self massage with therapy balls to release tension in key areas of the body, and practice breathing and meditation techniques to soothe the nervous system and reduce stress.  ​

* There are a limited number of Chair Yoga teachers so if Kassandra is sick or unavailable we may need to cancel this class on a rare occasion *

Core Flow 

Core Flow is based in asana but also brings in specific core exercises to strength and mobilize the core muscles. Challenging yet accessible to all!


This class brings an eclectic mix of breath awareness, yogic philosophy, and a gentle flow. A moving meditation to access the mind-body-spirit connection and to energize and enliven the body. Come flow and feel inspired, soothed and energized!

Flow 2

* Some yoga experience is recommended

Flow 2 classes offer the opportunity to move progressively into deeper and more challenging aspects of the practice in order to build strength, stability and openness in the body, breath and mind. A great option for students with some yoga experience who would like to explore more variety and experimentation within their practice. Come prepared to work but also to deeply restore, as savasana is so much sweeter after a good sweat!

Flow Restore

The first 45 minutes of class will consist of carefully sequenced poses to warm up and get the body’s energy moving. The final 15 minutes winds down to settle into fully supported poses that allow you to be with the inner experience of the body restoring balance. Suitable for all levels. 

Gentle Flow

Incorporating elements of functional movement vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, gentle flow is designed to heal and rehab the body mind and spirit.

Groove: Integrated Dance Fitness

The Groove experience is a fully integrated dance workout to a fabulous fusion of world music and styles. In Groove you work from the inside out to condition your physical body, nurture your spirit, and celebrate the uniqueness of YOU. Enjoy simple, authentic movement that is perfect for all levels of dance experience. It’s fun, accessible, powerful, liberating, blissful, and you simply cannot get it wrong! Come and dance your dance!

* There are a limited number of Groove Dance teachers so if Tracy is sick or unavailable we may need to cancel this class on a rare occasion *

Hatha Flow 2

Attuned to breath and body sensations, this class will leave you feeling spacious and vibrant with a glimmer of the transformative power of yoga. This class involves mid-long holds of postures that strengthen muscles and increases flexibility. There will be challenging moments that may cause sweat with sweet rests balancing effort and ease. 

Hatha Restore

This class begins with Hatha poses (a mix of gentle and strong poses) to settle the mind, focusing on expanding the breath, and followed by deep restorative shapes. Hatha poses are curated around the more common poses you’ll encounter in most classes, with special attention to alignment. Come as you are, leave feeling rejuvenated and restored. 

Qi Gong

Qigong is an energy based healing practice of moving postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions. The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong can reduce stress, increase vitality and stamina, build the immune system and calm the mind. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. This class is suitable for all levels and abilities and can be done seated or modified. Through visualization, awareness and increased sensitivity we can become more in balance with our own health, nature and our surroundings and with each other.

* There are a limited number of Qi Gong teachers so if Ali is sick or unavailable we may need to cancel this class on a rare occasion *

How are we different?

Yoga Village is unique not only for our PWYC system but because we encourage our teachers to teach from their own practice and experience. Each of our teachers differs in teaching style, lineage and education click to learn more about our team.
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